Some Festive Jelly Sandwich

Hello dear readers! Thank you so much for the great feedback for the last post! I’m so glad so many of you liked Baby Fairy!! It’s all your support that’s keeping me going with all the blogging! Thank you 😀 We’ve not been having much luck with the weather here in the Maldives.. It’s been raining/cloudy ever since we got here 🙁 So there’s a lot of staying in and chilling and catching up on other blogs hahaha. Well it’s still very nice here and I know I’m very lucky to be even be here!
Anyways, today I have a jelly sandwich experiment I did earlier for you. I was looking through my stash for Holidays themed manis, and I came across HARE A Positive. If you’re not familiar with HARE polishes, it’s a franken polish that Nikole hand makes. She has an Etsy store but it’s currently closed due to supplier issues. I really loved her polishes because they all looked so cool and her polishes were really the first frankens that I bought. I really hope she’ll have everything figured out and have new polishes out soon! Well, back to this mani.. I put on A Positive, and I figured it would look nice with other glitters layered on. So I took out Lynnderella One Nutty Fruitcake and did a jelly sandwich (A Positive is a large and small silver hex in a red jelly base polish)! I really loved how it looked and all the glitters look like they are suspended in the jelly and look so yummy hehe! There’s just so much depth in this and makes me want to keep doing jelly sandwiches haha! For the accent nail on the ring finger, I have three layers of Deborah Lippman Shake Your Groove Thing. I love how this mani turned out, considering it was all an experiment lol!






What do you think about this mani? Do you do jelly sandwiches? Do you like the effect? What’s your favorite combo? Please leave comments below!!
Have a great one, ladies <3

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