NOTD: Black & Gold Chanel Nails

Good morning readers! Today I have this edgy but classy black & gold mani for you! I love the black & gold color combo a lot and that’s why you see me keep doing it haha!


So for this mani, to create the gap on the three fingers, I first used two strips of striping tape to block off the nail polish in the middle of my index and middle fingers and pinky. I lined two strips of tape together because I thought the gap would be too thin if I’d just used one. You can adjust the width of the gap by using thicker tape or just cutting it to the width you want. Then I painted the top part with two layers of my WnW black creme, and the bottom half with two layers of Butter London Wallis. After I made sure I got all the sides covered, I removed the stripping tape. I did get some polish in the gap, but that wasn’t a big deal. I just dabbed a small brush with some nail polish remover and carefully removed it to create the clean, straight lines. I painted two coats of Wallis on my thumb and two coats of WnW black creme on my ring finger to have some variation. And I remembered those Chanel decals that I haven’t used for a while, so I added one on my ring finger for a high-end look. 😉
Overall I like this mani quite a lot. It’s easy to do yet pretty unique. You can definitely try this with many different color combinations. You don’t even have to place the gap in the middle of every finger. I might try out different things in the future!
So what do you think about this mani? Do you like this look? Do you like black & gold? Please leave comments below!! <3

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