Sparkling Drippy Nails

Hello dear readers! Today I have a pretty cool design to share with you. I did these last week and I LOVE how cool they turned out. I’ve been seeing a lot of drippy designs around, but mostly in pastel colors or brighter colors. I’ve seen this done with black as a base color a while ago on Tumblr, and I just loved how cool it looks and I’ve been wanting to try it out forever!



This design is actually pretty easy to do. These are the steps to achieve this look:
1. Apply your favorite base coat. I used OPI Nail Envy.
2. Apply one coat of a black creme polish. I used Wet n Wild black creme.
3. Apply your favorite matte top coat. I used Essie Matte About You.
4. This is the hardest step of the whole design. Use OPI Last Friday Night or other chunky glitter polishes to create the dripping effect. I made the layer really thick so there’s actually sort of a 3-D effect, which makes the whole look much more realistic! I also used a small nail art brush to do this step because it needs to be more delicate and accurate, so it doesn’t look like a blob of glitter on your tips. (Trust me, I know by trial and error lol!)
5. Last, use a fast drying top coat to go over ONLY the part with the drippy design. Using a fast drying top coat can help you dry the thick layer of polish underneath much faster, but also a thick top coat like Seche Vite can help to add more dimension and strengthen the 3-D effect!
And these are the 5 easy steps to create this unique, edgy look!
Please leave comments below and let me know how you like this design! 🙂

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