Lynderella The Glittering Crowd Gradient Nails

Hi dear readers! Iwas experimenting with glitter polish a lot lately and I love that there are so many different looks you can achieve with one glitter polish. I of course love the jelly sandwich mani, like the one I showed a couple weeks ago with Lynnderella One Nutty Fruitcake (see the post here), but gradients and french tips with glitter polish is GORGEOUS too! (Check out my Bejeweled French Nails post here.)
Today, I have this beautiful mani with Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd gradient over Barielle Berry Blue to share with you.



For this mani, I first did two coats of Barielle Berry Blue, a rich navy blue creme. Then I dabbed a thick drop of The Glittering Crowd near the cuticle area and dragged some of the glitter down the nails to create the gradient effect. I then finished the look with 2 layers of Seche Vite.

I am totally in love with the finished look. It’s so glossy and the glitters in The Glittering Crowd look like hidden gems and jewels in a deep blue sea. I just want to wear this over and over again, especially it’s so easy to do!!

Let me know what you think about this look! Do you like the gradient effect with glitters? Do you like the combination of Berry Blue and The Glitter Crowd? Let me know what you think by leaving your comment below!! <3

Sparkling Drippy Nails

Hello dear readers! Today I have a pretty cool design to share with you. I did these last week and I LOVE how cool they turned out. I’ve been seeing a lot of drippy designs around, but mostly in pastel colors or brighter colors. I’ve seen this done with black as a base color a while ago on Tumblr, and I just loved how cool it looks and I’ve been wanting to try it out forever!



This design is actually pretty easy to do. These are the steps to achieve this look:
1. Apply your favorite base coat. I used OPI Nail Envy.
2. Apply one coat of a black creme polish. I used Wet n Wild black creme.
3. Apply your favorite matte top coat. I used Essie Matte About You.
4. This is the hardest step of the whole design. Use OPI Last Friday Night or other chunky glitter polishes to create the dripping effect. I made the layer really thick so there’s actually sort of a 3-D effect, which makes the whole look much more realistic! I also used a small nail art brush to do this step because it needs to be more delicate and accurate, so it doesn’t look like a blob of glitter on your tips. (Trust me, I know by trial and error lol!)
5. Last, use a fast drying top coat to go over ONLY the part with the drippy design. Using a fast drying top coat can help you dry the thick layer of polish underneath much faster, but also a thick top coat like Seche Vite can help to add more dimension and strengthen the 3-D effect!
And these are the 5 easy steps to create this unique, edgy look!
Please leave comments below and let me know how you like this design! ๐Ÿ™‚

NOTD: Flakie Layering Mani

Hello dear readers! This layering mani I’m showing you today is one of, I think, the most gorgeous matte flakie manis I’ve done, so I’m really excited about it! ๐Ÿ˜€ I actually did this twice because I had to do some swatching after the first time and I had to take it off, but then I wanted to wear it longer so badly so I did it again! I think this design is so soft and subtle, but the flakies give the whole look a lot of depth.
I used a pastel dusty pink creme from LAKA as base, then I layered a coat of Finger Paints Motley over, then a coat of Essie Shine of the Times on top of everything. And of course I had to mattify it with Essie Matte About You! Motley flashes blue and green, and you can see it running through in the middle; Shine of the Times mostly flashes gold/orange. So you can see the contrast between the two flakie polishes, which I think created a lot of depth to this mani. Also of course mattified flakies is one of my all time favorite looks! ๐Ÿ˜‰



I think this design is so gorgeous and I would really wear it a hundred times! It’s nude without being boring and it just makes my hands look super clean and elegant! ๐Ÿ˜€

What do you think of this flakie layering mani? Do you love matte flakies as much as I do? Do you like this nude look? Please leave comments below!! <3

Valentine’s Cloud Nails

Hello dear readers! I have decided I want to get as many Valentine’s design posts in as possible before next Tuesday, so I think you’ll be seeing quite a few of those this week! I had so much fun doing them and I didn’t want to stop!! Today’s design is by Nailside. Even before I started blogging, I have always LOVED Nailside’s designs and Jane’s definitely one of my favorite nail bloggers! I think her designs are so original and unique; you can just TELL they’re from Jane. So when I saw her cloud design, I knew I wanted to give it a try! You can find the cloud design tutorial here. It’s very detailed and guides you step by step! You can also check out the Nailside double lightning bolt design that I did a while backย here.
For my version of the cloud design, I wanted it to have a Valentine’s theme, and what’s a Valentine’s mani without some pink? Or a lot of pink? XP I started with Misa Pinky Promise, which is from their new Spring collection, as base, then I used NARS Space Odyssey, which is a silver foil for the second layer. For the fuchsia at the tip, I used China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic from the new Electropop Collection.

I think one thing I found out while doing this design is that you definitely want to keep all your layers as thin as possible, or else you’ll end up having really thick tips and it’d be really hard to dry. You might want to find a one coater polish as your base to start with. A fast drying top coat can also help you dry the layers of polish faster. I used a coat of Seche Vite to seal the design and help it dry faster.

Overall, I am really happy about how this design turned out. I love the silver in the middle, it just adds a little bit of bling to the whole design. And this just SHOUTS Valentine’s and super girly and cute ๐Ÿ˜‰

So how do you like this design? Have you tried the cloud design yourself? Are you having a pink overload? lol! XP

NOTD: Black & Gold Chanel Nails

Good morning readers! Today I have this edgy but classy black & gold mani for you! I love the black & gold color combo a lot and that’s why you see me keep doing it haha!


So for this mani, to create the gap on the three fingers, I first used two strips of striping tape to block off the nail polish in the middle of my index and middle fingers and pinky. I lined two strips of tape together because I thought the gap would be too thin if I’d just used one. You can adjust the width of the gap by using thicker tape or just cutting it to the width you want. Then I painted the top part with two layers of my WnW black creme, and the bottom half with two layers ofย Butter London Wallis. After I made sure I got all the sides covered, I removed the stripping tape. I did get some polish in the gap, but that wasn’t a big deal. I just dabbed a small brush with some nail polish remover and carefully removed it to create the clean, straight lines. I painted two coats of Wallis on my thumb and two coats of WnW black creme on my ring finger to have some variation. And I remembered those Chanel decals that I haven’t used for a while, so I added one on my ring finger for a high-end look. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Overall I like this mani quite a lot. It’s easy to do yet pretty unique. You can definitely try this with many different color combinations. You don’t even have to place the gap in the middle of every finger. I might try out different things in the future!
So what do you think about this mani? Do you like this look? Do you like black & gold? Please leave comments below!! <3

Some Festive Jelly Sandwich

Hello dear readers! Thank you so much for the great feedback for the last post! I’m so glad so many of you liked Baby Fairy!! It’s all your support that’s keeping me going with all the blogging! Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€ We’ve not been having much luck with the weather here in the Maldives.. It’s been raining/cloudy ever since we got here ๐Ÿ™ So there’s a lot of staying in and chilling and catching up on other blogs hahaha. Well it’s still very nice here and I know I’m very lucky to be even be here!
Anyways, today I have a jelly sandwich experiment I did earlier for you. I was looking through my stash for Holidays themed manis, and I came across HARE A Positive. If you’re not familiar with HARE polishes, it’s a franken polish that Nikole hand makes. She has an Etsy store but it’s currently closed due to supplier issues. I really loved her polishes because they all looked so cool and her polishes were really the first frankens that I bought. I really hope she’ll have everything figured out and have new polishes out soon! Well, back to this mani.. I put on A Positive, and I figured it would look nice with other glitters layered on. So I took out Lynnderella One Nutty Fruitcake and did a jelly sandwich (A Positive is a large and small silver hex in a red jelly base polish)! I really loved how it looked and all the glitters look like they are suspended in the jelly and look so yummy hehe! There’s just so much depth in this and makes me want to keep doing jelly sandwiches haha! For the accent nail on the ring finger, I have three layers of Deborah Lippman Shake Your Groove Thing. I love how this mani turned out, considering it was all an experiment lol!






What do you think about this mani? Do you do jelly sandwiches? Do you like the effect? What’s your favorite combo? Please leave comments below!!
Have a great one, ladies <3

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Hello, readers! Today I have a winter themed mani for you! I figured it’s Christmas soon, and I should start doing some winter/Christmas manis haha! I like how it turned out and how easy it was to create this cute mani! Maybe I’ll try it with different shades of blue or another color altogether next time, but I was trying to recycle my Cult Nails Time Traveler mani, and I liked it, so here you go! ๐Ÿ™‚



For this mani, I had Cult Nails Time Traveler as a base color (I will have a swatches and review post up, but I just want to let you know it’s like THE BEST navy blue polish EVER!!), then I stamped the snowflake designs (Konad Image Plate M59) on with a white creme I got in Korea and Color Club Lumin-Icent,ย and randomly sponged on some more Lumin-Icent around the snowflakes. I really wanted to add more texture to it, so I added two little rhinestones on my index and middle fingers. For the accent nail on the ring finger, I sponged on some OPI Crown Me Already to create a gradient effect. And there you go! Easy and cute winter nails! ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me know what you think about this mani! I know we’ve seen these snowflake designs around a lot lately, but it’s just so easy and pretty isn’t it!? What’s your favorite winter nail design? Please leave comments below!

You can get Konad stamping kits on their official website. They offer a variety of stamping sets and image plates. You can also find stamping accessories/plates/nail polish on Amazon,ย and Bundle Monster offers image plate sets for a fraction of the Konad ones. So shop around if you decide you want to invest in stamping nail art!

I’ll be on a plane to Hong Kong for my winter vacation tonight! So I’ll talk to you soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

Natalie <3

NOTD: Bejeweled French Nails

Hello ladies, today I just wanted to do a quick NOTD to show you the mani I did a couple days ago. I recently went on a crazy hunt for the perfect neutral pink. Somehow I realized I didn’t have enough neutral colors in my stash and decided I needed some LOL! The one I’m using here as a base color is Essie Vanity Fairest. It’s a sheer, light pink jelly with very subtle silver shimmer. I love the jelly-ness of it, and I think it’s a great, elegant, subtle pink polish to wear, if your nails aren’t as stained as mine that is XP There’s still visible nail line at three coats, but I think it’s intended to be that way.. After that, because I just can’t get enough of glitters lately, I took my OPI Crown Me Already! and created some French tips to bling up the mani ๐Ÿ˜€



I think this mani is super easy to do, elegant but not boring, and really can match any outfit! I’m in love with it, and can’t wait to do it again!! I’m think of doing other color combos as well!
What do you think about this mani? Do you like the glitter french tips? Would you wear something like this? Please leave comments below!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Natalie <3